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Permanent Deacon
Mr. Edwin Hill

Permanent Deacon
Mr. John Orzechowski



















































































































Finance Council

This organization is made up of parishioners who are invited by the Pastor and Business Manager to assist in the financial planning of the parish. The main purpose of the Finance Committee is to advise both the Business Manager and Pastor on financial decisions that need to be made by the parish. The committee meets on a quarterly basis or more often, if needed.

Advisement comes in a variety of ways. The Finance Committee reviews, recommends changes, and approves the parish budget. We are a Church, but we also have a "business dimension." Because we have a 1.5 million dollar budget and employ almost fifty individuals, this organization helps fine tune our financial life. Included in the budget are the budgets of the various ministries as well as the Experience Religion program (CCD) and the school.

The Finance Committee reviews the year-to-date parish financial figures as well as comparing the figures to both the previous year's figures and to the budget. This allows the Finance Committee, as parishioners, to review and/or question the revenue received as well as expenditures made by the parish. The parish's Annual Report is also reviewed and approved by the Finance Committee prior to its submittal to the Archdiocese.

The Finance Committee reviews quotations and advises on major capital improvements and or expenditures that need to be made. Recommendations on the implementation of major parish or parish organizational fundraisers are provided by the Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee also reviews, anonymously and confidentially, all requests for financial assistance for families wishing to attend our school. The Finance Committee approves all financial assistance awards.

Presently, the Finance Committee is comprised of six individuals with varying careers and expertise. Members are appointed by the Pastor.